TAREA Signs MoU with NABA

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) and the Norwegian African Business Association (NABA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 7th May 2022 to promote renewable energy collaboration between Norway and Tanzania.

The MoU aims to promote the energy collaboration through:

  1. Exchange of information related to renewable energy projects and developments in Tanzania and Norway;
  2. Providing each other with information about investment and cooperation opportunities in the renewable energy sector. The Parties will also assist in identifying business partners and investors;
  3. Exchanges of visits and research by delegations in both countries.
  4. Organizing training, seminars/webinars on matters about investment, trade development and technology and
  5. Provision of information about related companies and the introduction of legal and consulting services to each other.

The signing of the MoU was witnessed by the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Energy Eng. Felchesmi Mramba and Ambassador of Norway in Tanzania Her Excellency Ambassador Elizabeth Jacobsen.

Review of Energy Access Exlorer for Tanzania

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) has partnered with the World Resources Institute (WRI) to review and upgrade the Energy Access Explorer (EAE) for Tanzania.

The WRI developed the EAE but it has some gaps. The explorer will be updated and upgraded. The new product will show the current status of the mini-grids presented and additional data that will be proposed by the end-users. The process will involve all important renewable energy stakeholders. The stakeholders will be asked what data on renewable energy should be presented in the explorer.

The outcome of this work will be the availability of data to the actors who strive to increase access to sustainable modern energy.

TAREA will take the responsibility of updating the explorer by involving experts from the public and private sectors. To access the existing explorer, click here.

TAREA Partners Fraxen Consult to Unlock Renewable Energy Financing

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) has partnered with its member Fraxen Consult to unlock renewable energy financing in mainland Tanzania.

The common objective of the partnership is to promote energy financing from commercial banks, by creating an appetite for these financial institutions to lend to renewable energy companies/enterprises. This will be done by exposing the banks to a learning visit and a joint discussion with renewable energy companies.

Banks will have opportunities of visiting renewable energy power generation sites and agricultural enterprises that are using renewable energy for irrigation. Also, banks will visit the organization that is enabling the smallholder farmers to access renewable energy technologies for irrigation. The learning event will be conducted in the Iringa region.

After the site visits, there will be the Round Table Dialogue that will consist of 60 stakeholders from the banks, development partners, microfinance institutes, renewable energy companies, government officers, and renewable energy technology users.

Thanks to the C.S Mott Foundation for extending its contribution to the project.

2.4MW Wind Farm to be visited in Mufindi (Photo by Rift Valley Energy)

TAREA and WRI Upgrade and Promote the Use of Energy Access Explorer for Tanzania

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) and World Resources Institute (WRI) have partnered in upgrading and promote the use of the Energy Access Explorer (EAE) for Tanzania. The Energy Access Explorer will provide market intelligence to the developers, identifying new market opportunities in renewable energy in Tanzania.

The work responds to the vast and urgent need to accelerate modern energy services to unserved and underserved areas in Tanzania. Expanding energy access sustainably will require the availability of robust data and analytical tools that can support project planning and market decisions. The implementation of the project will involve all necessary stakeholders: Ministries; Government Agencies; Academia; and Private Sector.

After the completion of the project, TAREA will take the responsibility of updating the explorer. To access the Energy Access Explorer, click the photo below.

URBIS Foundation and TAREA to Replace Diesel Pump with Solar Pump at the Preiswerk Girls Secondary School

TAREA and its German Partner URBIS Foundation are implementing the project “Enabling Girls of Preiswerk Secondary School in Ifakara Tanzania access clean water sustainably”. The project will be implemented in Ifakara, Morogoro region in Tanzania. The school is using a diesel generator for pumping water for the girls. The use of a diesel pump at the school costs EUR 5002/ year and emits 14,086KgCO2/year. When there are no funds to buy diesel, girls collect water from the river that has deadly crocodiles. The project will install a solar water pumping system to pump water from a borehole of 80m. The installation will consist of a ground-mounted solar array of 2.24kWp and a submersible Grundfos pump. Section of the beneficiaries

The project will result in 240 girls getting a reliable supply of water, 20m3/day, which will increase the level of hygiene and protect girls from infectious diseases like COVID-19; locally produced vegetables; increased planted trees; avoided 14,086KgCO2/year; reduced costs of water pumping; increased safety of girls; increased awareness of the potential of solar water pumping technology to the education sector and public in Ifakara.