General Information

TAREA membership is open to any person, company and institution sharing the mission and objectives of the association. Passive members have once registered and paid annual fee but not for the current year, they are registered in our database but cannot use the membership services. The membership services and participation to the network activities are only offered to the active members who have paid the annual fee for the current calendar year. There are different categories of membership which are including different benefits and services.

If you want to become a member it is necessary to apply for it. After acceptance of the application and payment of registration and annual fee you become active member of TAREA. This membership is valid for one year and confirmed by certificate. The certificate is sealed. Active membership has to be refreshed every year through annual fee payment otherwise it turns in passive membership.

Categories of membership and benefits of becoming a member of TAREA are found in the Membership Services Charter.


If you want to become an active member of TAREA you can download and print a form (from the right menu) or you can come to one of our offices to collect it.
After application we will inform you if we accept the application and send you payment information. After payment you are active member who enjoys all services and benefits mentioned above. Also you will receive your receipt about payment and your personal certificate.

Download the membership forms at the links below.



Payment information

You can find detailed payment information In the membership application form.