TAREA conducts various programs to provide education in the RE field.

  • ​Internship program with TAREA

    There are always opportunities for university/college students and graduates to work with TAREA as interns. This work would be depending on the current work situation at TAREA Secretariat and its corporate members, and be matched with the preferences of the interns. It is advisable for the foreign interns coming to Tanzania for the first time, to plan for the internship of at least 3 months. The intern from outside Tanzania must organize for the appropriate work permit and resident permit (class C). No intern will be allowed to work using touristic visa.

    TAREA will advise the intern in procuring all necessary papers and a place to live.

    Intern working at TAREA must follow all Tanzania social and labour relations.

    If you are interested in working with TAREA, please, contact the Secretariat.

  • RENewable Energy Volunteers

    In 2008, a new volunteer program started. The program has been run in cooperation with German-Tanzanian Partnership (DTP), URBIS Foundation, South-North initiatives and City of Hamburg. Since then, TAREA is hosting young Tanzanian volunteers at different stations in the country.

    The project aims at offering the young Tanzanians the opportunity of gaining technical practical  experience and entrepreneurship knowledge on renewable energies. It is hoped that with the knowledge gained from their work as volunteers, they will have an easier start either into their own business or into work within the sector.  The interns are recruited from Vocational Training Centres and high learning institutions that offer renewable energy related subjects.

    Volunteers are placed at TAREA Headquarter and Corporate Members.