Who we are‚Äč

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA), formerly TASEA (Tanzania Solar Energy Association) is a non-profit, non-government business member organization that brings together actors in the renewable energy sectors to promote the accessibility and use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies  in the mainland Tanzania. It was registered by the Ministry of Home Affairs on 7th May 2001 with registration number SA10900. TAREA is the largest renewable energy and energy efficiency network representing  over 900 registered members [Dec 2023]

Mission & Objective

The mission of TAREA is to promote and advocate the increased use of Renewable Energy by developing an effective network of members and stakeholders, emphasizing the need for quality and best practices throughout the sector. 

The objectives of the Association shall be to promote the sustainable development of renewable energy in mainland Tanzania through the following strategies:

  • Managing knowledge and information dissemination;
  • Networking public and private renewable energy and energy efficiency stakeholders;
  • Supporting the creation of an enabling environment and framework for a sustainable renewable energy and energy efficiency market; and
  • Promoting institutional capacity building


TAREA strives for its mission by conducting several activities:

  • Forging partnerships for promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • Soliciting and managing funding and other resources to achieve objectives;
  • Non-profit advisory service provision;
  • Facilitating business co-operations;
  • Lobbying and advocacy on policies, acts, regulations, guidelines and standards in renewable energy and energy efficiency;
  • Lobbying and advocacy on government providing necessary services that enable renewable energy and energy efficiency business;
  • Conducting applied research, education and training;
  • Utilizing various media, events and networking activities to disseminate information, and raise awareness;
  • Information collection and dissemination; and 
  • Undertaking other activities for the purpose of promoting the objective of the Association.