Tumaini Lutheran Seminary (TLS) in Malinyi, Morogoro Region, which is owned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church-Tanzania, Ulanga Kilombero Diocese, offers secondary school education and Bible knowledge training. Secondary School has a high level of Form IV. It has already educated youth who are now serving the nations, to mention a few sectors: religion, engineering, medicine and financing. The Bible School trains Evangelists that are sent out to serve parishes. TLS is connected to the national grid.

On the 12th of August 2023, Rotary Club-Airport Munich commissioned two solar photovoltaic systems at Tumaini Lutheran Seminary. The decision of installing solar photovoltaic solar systems came after TANESCO failed to supply stable and reliable electricity. The first solar photovoltaic system [Modules 6.6kWp; MPPT Controller 250/85; Battery 1360Ah/48V; and Inverter-Charger 8kVA/48] powers the administration block, dining hall and internet computer laboratory. The second solar photovoltaic system [Modules 3.3kWp; Controller 60A/12-48V; Battery 600Ah/48V; and Inverter-Charger 5kVA/48V] powers 2 laboratories and 6 classrooms.

In addition to the installation of solar photovoltaic systems, Rotary Club-Airport Munich installed 10 ports of the Internet computer library to enable students to access the updated learning materials.

Solar photovoltaic systems at Tumaini Lutheran Seminary-Malinyi will provide stable and reliable power for internet access and inside and outside lighting. The expected impact will be increased academic performance and reduced electricity costs.