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Online Seminar on Organic Agriculture and Renewable Energy Tanzania 21-30.6.2021

The German partner of TAREA, bbw, will be conducting a webinar workshop on the Organic Agriculture and Renewable Energy in Tanzania. If you are interested to join, please, join by filling your details at the following link.

TAREA Works to Sustain Employability of Informal Trained Renewable Energy Artisans

<p>In the year 2015, Tanzania Electricity and Water Regulatory Authority (EWURA) enacted the electricity law that requires all electricity installers to hold a license from the authority. The requirements to qualify for applying for the license did not allow the informal trained renewable energy artisans to obtain the license. TAREA advocated EWURA to review the law that it could offer the opportunity to informal trained renewable energy artisans of accessing the license. EWURA reviewed the electricity law on installation in the year 2019. <img src="" alt="" /></p> <p>Still, the informal trained renewable energy artisans ha...</p>

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Solar power supplies water to the Mpanga Community

<p>Community of Mpanga Village in Kilombero District, Tanzania had limited access to the water. Limited access and poor hygiene resulted in several health problems.</p> <p>Mpanga Parish and the community around had been depending on the water drawn from the unprotected shallow wells and river. In recent years, climate change has affected the communities of Mpanga as there has been a long spell of dry seasons and strong sun hit that cause all the shallow wells to dry. Mpanga has never experienced the monsoon rains that always experienced during the dry season and recharge the groundwater. Wom...</p>

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Dialogue with Government of Tanzania

On 14 July 2020 TAREA with support of ENDEV III Program through SNV conducted a workshop that attracted biomass actors from the private and public sectors. Government authorities present were Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Centre for Agricultural Mechanization and Rural Technologies, Tanzania Forest Service Agency, Rural Energy Agency, Commission for Science and Technology, University of Dar es Salaam and Vice President Office.

The parties met to discuss the open question of which government authority is the lead of the biomass cooking technologies.

Parties noted that currently there is no local data about the impacts of using biomass energy cooking on the human health.

TAREA continues to coordinate the dialogue to get the two above issues answered.

Preiswerk Girls Get Solar Light

Preiswerk Girls Secondary School, owned by Moravian Church in Tanzania Eastern Province, located in Ifakara, offering education to the disadvantaged girls, early April 2020 received 1.28kWp solar photovoltaic system from URBIS Foundation of Bayern in Germany through Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA). The availability of electricity will improve quality of living and learning environment of the girls.