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TAREA and BSW Solar supporting B2B

<p>TAREA international partner BSW-Solar, the German Solar Association, has introduced a matchmaking platform that connects you with German Solar Companies, looking for business partners, projects and suppliers in our country. (<a href=""></a>) This service is new and exclusive for our respected members, in order to ensure the seriousness of requests. Moreover, this service is cost-free and we are proud to offer this unique opportunity to you in order to explore your international business opportunities. We already have a cooperation agreement with BSW-Solar that facilitates several initia...</p>

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Tanzania Government Grants Renewable Energy Incentives

Tanzania Government has granted duty remissions on renewable energy technologies that become effective from 1st July, 2016.

Duty remissions have been granted on the raw materials to produce deep discharge batteries and solar equipment. The duty remissions have been granted in order promote local manufacturing.

The duty remissions was made by the Minister of Finance and he ammended EAC Customs Management Act 2004. The Minister presented the ammendments in the National Budget for year 2016/17.

VET Renewable Energy Curriculum

Since the year 2009 TAREA had been advocating for Tanzania Vocational Education Training Authority (VETA) to develop renewable energy curriculum for training the artisans. At last, VETA has released the curriculum.

TAREA is now working to advocate VETA establishing certification procedure for young people who have been trained on the installation of renewable energy systems informally.

VETA is also registring short courses that the trainees can be awarded VETA certificates. TAREA encourages institutions that are conducting renewable energy artisan trainings to register with VETA zonal offices.

Solar Village Day at Malinyi

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association conducted the event of Solar Village Day at Malinyi village in Malinyi district from 7th to 8th August, 2015.

The event was one of the activities of the project "Promotion of solar photovoltaic technology in remote off-grid area of Malinyi, Tanzania"