TAREA Partners Fraxen Consult to Unlock Renewable Energy Financing

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) has partnered with its member Fraxen Consult to unlock renewable energy financing in mainland Tanzania.

The common objective of the partnership is to promote energy financing from commercial banks, by creating an appetite for these financial institutions to lend to renewable energy companies/enterprises. This will be done by exposing the banks to a learning visit and a joint discussion with renewable energy companies.

Banks will have opportunities of visiting renewable energy power generation sites and agricultural enterprises that are using renewable energy for irrigation. Also, banks will visit the organization that is enabling the smallholder farmers to access renewable energy technologies for irrigation. The learning event will be conducted in the Iringa region.

After the site visits, there will be the Round Table Dialogue that will consist of 60 stakeholders from the banks, development partners, microfinance institutes, renewable energy companies, government officers, and renewable energy technology users.

Thanks to the C.S Mott Foundation for extending its contribution to the project.

2.4MW Wind Farm to be visited in Mufindi (Photo by Rift Valley Energy)