Solar power supplies water to the Mpanga Community

Community of Mpanga Village in Kilombero District, Tanzania had limited access to the water. Limited access and poor hygiene resulted in several health problems.

Mpanga Parish and the community around had been depending on the water drawn from the unprotected shallow wells and river. In recent years, climate change has affected the communities of Mpanga as there has been a long spell of dry seasons and strong sun hit that cause all the shallow wells to dry. Mpanga has never experienced the monsoon rains that always experienced during the dry season and recharge the groundwater. Women and girls had to walk more than 1.5Km for collection of the water from the river that has dangerous crocodiles. The scarcity of water had led to poor hygiene resulting in the outbreak of the abdominal diseases among the community. The Parish Dispensary, the most reliable dispensary in the village could not offer the quality and proper health service due to the limited supply of water. Crocodiles in the river Mpanga had been attacking women and children when they were collecting water. Due to the animals’ protection laws, villagers cannot kill them though it is possible.

Mpanga Catholic Parish of Diocese of Ifakara in cooperation with community developed small community water supply scheme powered by solar photovoltaic system.

Water is pumped to the groundwater tank on the hill and distributed to the water points by gravity.

The water supply scheme benefits population of 7,365 people.

Thanks to the Action Eine Welt of Germany for extending its financial support to the people of Mpanga Village and TAREA providing technical advisory service.