27 dispensaries in Masasi to get solar electricity

The German District of Enzkreis and Masasi District of Tanzania has been working together in the areas of education, environment, sustainable energy and health in order to improve the livelihood of people of Masasi District in Tanzania.

In the first phase of the common projects, Masasi and Enzkreis Districts installed 4.8kW solar photovoltaic system at Mkomaindo District Hospital to provide backup power to the Neonatal ward and Intensive Care Unit to power life saving machines. It further installed biogas digesters and their respective ovens at Migongo Mission, Lupaso Mission, Folks Development College and Ndwika Secondary School.

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The installed solar photovoltaic system has saved many lives of children and has reduced the amount of diesel that was used for running generator. The installed bio gas digesters have cut firewood use by 50%.

Enzkreis and Masasi Districts have received financial support from Federal German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to install solar systems at 27 dispensaries in Masasi District. 22 solar systems will be installed in Masasi District Council while 5 solar systems will be installed in Masasi Town Council.

The solar systems that will be installed at the dispensaries will be the solution to the challenges dispensaries are facing during the night services like delivery where nurses are using kerosene lanterns, dry cell torches and light from mobile phones.

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The dispensaries that will be installed solar systems are [Masasi District Council] Majembe, Mkundiamani, Mkululu, Mijelejele, Shaurimoyo, Namwanga, Kanyimbi, Chikoweti, Namajani, Namatutwe, Namalembo, Nanyindwa, Mihima, Nasindi, Mbemba, Mpeta, Utimbe, Sindano, Mchauru, Chikolopola, Mapili and Mitesa; [Masasi Town Council] Makulani, Mbonde, Mumbaka, Mkuti and Chisegu.

There will be 4 additional activities to ensure the sustainability of solar systems. Activities are training of 12 solar artisans on installation and maintenance, training of 60 health workers from dispensaries on the best practices of caring solar systems, 5 public demonstrations of the solar system and publicity of the project results.

Tanzania Renewable Energy Association (TAREA) takes part as the third party.